Workshop of the artist

Every artwork of mine and every visual composition of mine is a vision.

I come from  Mounch’s "cry", the silence of Rembrandt’s "philosopher", the ascetics  earthen lightnings of Theophanes the Greek, from the long  De Chirico’s shadows, the Guernica’s lamp.

I come from the end of painting, the end of logos, the end of time, the end of human being.

Within and beyond the art of nothing, I’m seeking the poetry. And I’m seeking another art and the steps of an endless metamorphosis, the whole mystery that is not “Being-not Being”.

I’m here, where lit coins of logos are rising in the deep blue sky.

My artistic pathway is passing between figure and abstraction, between surrealism and expressionism, conceptual art and pop art, realism and postmodernism, between symbol and trace, feeling and thought.

I use both traditional painting materials and modern mixed media. Especially tempera, watercolours, pastels and oil colours, metals and coins on canvas, cardboards, wood, textiles, sheet metal, etc.

In my drawings I use pencils, charcoal, graphite and coloured pencils on papers and wood.