When the works of art into their own production, the artists into their own creations and the interpretations into their faith and infidelity, then in what kind of atmosphere is art released?

And he who undoes the art’s shoelaces, then what kind of handiwork does he create and labour when the art has repeatedly been dressed  and  undressed and ultimately stripped naked?

Already inside but mainly among the footprints of art, a nothingness of an unity of the hyper intelligent non-being exists, over exists and reproduces (itself) at the dawn of the third millennium.

In the beginning of the 3rd Millennium all and more, through the whole conjectural event of art, there is a recording of the breaking up and undimensional superbeing of not being and the  superbeing of the events of art. In other words we emotionalise and multiply this eugmatic nothingness of art, and through this I draw and love these enigmatic, artistical and post-artistic crossings of art.